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Der Goldene Drache (Re-run)
The play centres around the Golden Dragon, a Chinese-Vietnamese-Thai restaurant that sells local residents its Asian fast food. Between hissing gas cookers in the cramped kitchen, a young Chinese man, one of those five Asian illegal immigrants who are working in the kitchen, is experiencing agonising toothache. Without a residence permit, going to the dentist is out of the question. The decayed tooth is painfully pulled out from his mouth with a wrench by other workers. While it is flying up high in the air, more stories of residents around the restaurant are presented...

Like a spider the play weaves a web of connections that spread right across the globe, unfolding a kaleidoscopic look at a globalized world in brief and fierce comic scenes.

Chan Ping-chiu
Roland Schimmelpfennig
Chinese Translation/Text Consultant
Betty Chen
Cantonese Script Finishing 
Wu King-yeung
Chan Wai Yee
LEE Chun-chow, Emily CHENG, WAN Yuk-yu, CHAN Wai-chung, LEUNG Tin-chak
Set Design
YUEN Hon-wai
Lighting Design
LAU Ming-hang
Sound Design & Live Music
SZE Ka-yan
Costume Design
MA Ka-yue
Production Manager
TSUI Wai-hong
Assistant to Director
HUI Chun-pong
L3-06C, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2974 0542
(852) 2974 0592