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We Are Gay
Philip is highly educated and aspires to be an “A-list gay”. He never expected he would stick around with someone like Sheng. But Sheng is genuine and warm, and Philip finds himself becoming serious with him. After three years together, it seems they are finally settling down. At this time, an older, wealthier man in their circle of gay friends has to leave Hong Kong for a year and allows Philip and Sheng to live in his luxury flat rent-free, asking them to help take care of his dog in return. As fate would have it, the day the two happily move into the apartment, they meet Neil—who lives in the top-floor penthouse—in the lift. From that moment on, the three men’s lives become entangled.

Hong Kong Arts Festival
Candace Chong
Tony Wong*
Main cast
Cheung Kam-ching, Leung Chung-hang, Yau Hawk-sau
Lai Chai-ming, Bobby Lam Yuet-wing, Leung Shun-yin, Poon Chun-ho, Henry Shum Chi-yee, So Lok-kan, Jimmy Suen, Bon Tong, Wesley Wong Jing-nam
Allen Lam*
Frankie Ho
Set Designer
Jan Wong
Lighting Designer
Billy Chan*
Costume Designer
Henry Lau
Sound Designer
Labroe Lee
Video Designer
Lo Wing
Production Manager
Bobo Chan
* With kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

L3-06C, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2974 0542
(852) 2974 0592